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Pre Conference Workshops

These pre conference workshops will run on Monday 14 August 2017.

All prices are in AUD$ and include 10% GST.

Workshop 1 - Farm Forestry Toolbox

Workshop Leader: Adrian Goodwin
Time: 8.30am – 3.00pm
Room: Tully 1

Overview: The Farm Forestry Toolbox is an integrated collection of programs for the inventory, growth, and financial analysis of plantations for wood and carbon products.

Presenter: Adrian Goodwin (Bushlogic), developer of the Farm Forestry Toolbox will lead the workshop. Adrian will present an overview, demonstrate the Toolbox’s latest features and discuss your individual requirements.

Learning outcomes: The workshop will give users an overview and the confidence to use the Toolbox's full power.

The Farm Forestry Toolbox is a collection of programs forest owners and managers plan and manage plantations from a few to 100’s of hectares. It is the most widely used forestry software of its type in Australia, and is used by forestry schools around the world.

Among other things it offers ways to estimate:

For new and experienced users – this workshop will increase your understanding, confidence and ability to use the Toolbox and its specialist features. For best results you are encouraged to bring your laptop to the Workshop.

Workshop 2 - Effective Engagement with Small Landholders in the Tropics

Workshop Leader: Christine Padoch
Time: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Room: Tully 2
Cost: $130

Overview:This workshop will provide a unique opportunity to interact with one of our conference key-note speakers, Dr Christine Padoch and some other locally based eminent forestry specialists (to be confirmed) with broad international experience.

Christine is an anthropologist and has spent more than 35 years carrying out research on smallholder patterns of forest management, agriculture, and agroforestry in the humid tropics, principally in Amazonia and Southeast Asia. She recently was Deputy Director at CIFOR and has also worked at the New York Botanical Garden where she was the Matthew Calbraith Perry Curator of Economic Botany.

Smallholder forestry schemes, outgrower schemes and community managed approaches to forest sustainability are being widely promoted in tropical countries but evidence for their success is still patchy. Christine and her fellow presenters will describe the different engagement approaches that they have experienced both in tropical developing countries and in australia and discuss the conditions under which they do and sometimes do not work. Workshop participants should be prepared to share their own 'case studies' to facilitate a group discussion and brainstorm on ideas on how to approach small landholders to achieve successful engagement.

Workshop 3 - Responsible Asian Forestry and Trade (RAFT) Program and Illegal Logging

Workshop Leader: Allison Lewin and Ke Dong
Time: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Room: Tully 3
Cost: $130

Overview:“Australia’s Role in Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in the Asia-Pacific Region”

Forests in the Asia-Pacific Region continue to be lost and degraded at unacceptable levels. With this substantial damage and loss, the full potential of production forests to deliver benefits in a range of areas—from economic development locally and nationally, to conservation of biodiversity and ecological services, to climate change
mitigation—is going unrealized. Over the last decade the RAFT program has worked with governments, industry and civil society across the Asia Pacific region to enhance incentives and build capacity across the forest supply chain for legal and sustainable forest management and trade.

RAFT has provided direct technical assistance to over 80 forest enterprises seeking to improve their management resulting in 1.3 million ha of forest coming under FSC Certification and an addition 2.8 million ha of forest on the way. The partnership has assisted nearly 50 communities across 5 countries to establish community-based enterprises and increase benefits from the forest. And we are pioneering new approaches to linking improved forest management with delivering on climate
change mitigation targets, or NDCs.

With nearly 10 years and 3 phases under our belts, RAFT is looking ahead to the kinds of changes that will be required of forestry sectors and supply chains in order to enable production forests in the region to reach their full potential. Join participants from Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and China to explore future options for further enhancing legal and sustainable trade and new action in areas such as climate change mitigation, domestic markets and restoration and rehabilitation of degraded forests. Share your ideas about how what can be learned from Australia’s experiences and how Australia and Australian foresters might help to accelerate progress towards improved management in the Asia Pacific Region’s forests.

Workshop 4 - Forestry & Carbon Sequestration Methodologies

Workshop Leader: Native Conifers Carbon Sink Pty Ltd
Time: 3.15pm – 6.15pm
Room: Tully 1

Overview: This 3 hour workshop will explore the differences between three vegetation-based Emissions Reduction Fund methodologies:

i) Environmental Plantings,
ii) Farm Forestry; and
iii) Plantation Forestry.

Participants will learn the basics of each methodology and its associated measurement tools, and gain an understanding of the requirements for participation in each.

Workshop 7 - Private Forest Management – The Changing Paradigm

Workshop Leader: Dr Phil Lacy and Martin Crevatin
Time: 1.30pm – 5.00pm
Room: Tully 3

Overview: Forest ownership in Australia has been through radical change over the last ten years. The new owners of the large forest estates have high expectations of their forest managers. They expect risks to be appropriately managed, detailed financial reports, certified sustainable forest management, and year on year gains in the value of the asset. As professional forest managers, we need to provide confidence that we can meet their expectations. We can also apply the same level of professionalism to any forest owner, large or small.
This workshop will explore how investors are changing their outlook on forest investments, and how we, as professional foresters, can adapt to meet their expectations.

Workshop 8 – Inventory and Estate

Workshop Leaders: Christine Stone, Kevin Cooney, Jim O’Hehir
Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm

Room: Boardroom 2
Cost: nil

Overview: An opportunity for resource management practitioners; growth and yield modellers, systems developers, appraisers to participate in open discussions on shared problems and solutions.

Outcomes: Apart from learning and networking opportunities, the workshop will give attendees the opportunity to influence resource management related research in Australia via FWPA’s proposed Interest Group on this topic.

Inputs to ensure success: Each organisation attending to submit a 1-3 page summary of where you are at, including what problems need to be addressed. Made available to the committee two weeks before the workshop to be used as input to the research priorities.

Please note there is a limit of two attendees from the same organisation


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